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Search engines are probably the first place most people turn to for products or information. Increased visibility in these search engines is one of the best ways to brand recognition and long term benefits, but search engine updates have greatly changed the way SEO works. In such a scene, gaining stable ranks in search results requires good experience and expertise.

WhoDoDigital’s SEO consulting services give your Web site a competitive edge in the search results by providing you positions on keywords that are highly relevant to generating business and increasing conversions. We will carefully analyze your website and competitors to create a customized SEO package for you.

Our SEO Web Consulting services are designed to deliver end to end services. We’ll work with you to devise a strategy that best suits your requirements and budget. We, as search engine consultant, love to craft comprehensive campaigns that will make you an authority in your field. Also, our strategies are not based around conventional tactics that generate short term results.

Our SEO Consulting Services includes:

Developing an end-to-end SEO strategy:

If you have an SEO budget but are not sure as to what you need? We are here to help. We’ll work with you to define your needs and strategy for long-term success.

Website Audit:

We’ll do an in-depth analysis of your website to check its on-page optimization and find immediate areas for improvement like title and meta description, heading tags, image alt tags, URL structure, etc. Other changes like loading time optimization, compatibility with mobile platform, etc. may also be required. We believe that no two sites are alike and so this analysis can be as specific or general as required.

Keyword Research and Analysis:

This is perhaps one of the most boring and fearsome tasks in search engine marketing. Leave this to us so that your in-house team can concentrate on the big picture. This analysis involves looking at significant search and user behavior, along with your high converting and competitive keywords.

Competitive Analysis:

We perform an intensive competitive analysis to know it all; your competitors’ on- and off-site strategies, service providers, budget and more.

Off-Page SEO Audit and acquisition:

We will review your old links and develop a custom link building strategy. We create natural and high quality links for you and do not spam.

Website Redesign:

ometimes , it’s vital to redesign your website to outcast your competitors. Even search engines love fresh and up-to-dated websites. If you want to redesign your website in SEO Friendly Way, we will do it for you.

If you have an in-house SEO team but are not satisfied with the results, ask us to help them in preparing a strategies that actually works! We can work hand-in-hand with your in-house team and provide refreshing step by step instructions in executing custom SEO strategy. But if you do not have an SEO team, we will not only help you in consulting but will implement the strategies and will derive the results for you!

Our SEO Consulting Services will analyse every aspect of your website and will ensure that your website has:

  • A properly configured robots.txt file
  • An XML, HTML and ROR site map
  • 301 redirects to prevent or minimize duplicate content
  • Sufficient Internal and External Links
  • Appropriate Site Architecture, Data Hierarchy and Navigation Schema
In past 10 years, we have successfully helped hundreds of businesses to get higher search engine ranking and better ROI.

After a discussion with us, your IT staff will learn to:
  • Select the most appropriate keywords for your business
  • Develop and implement better strategies for Meta optimisation (title, meta tags, description, alt tags and much more)
  • Develop keyword rich content and content optimisation techniques
  • Create effective reporting and tracking strategies
  • In a nutshell, executing a strategy which gives you guaranteed top-10 ranking

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