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Link detox for recovery

Google’s Penguin Update had hit almost every website, and according to a survey, only 6% of the websites managed to recover from this update. This is very discouraging but at the same time, it also suggests that the problem won’t solve itself. You need extra efforts and strategies if you want to regain the ranking you had before the update.

Are you hit by Google Penguin Update?

If you’re hit by Penguin, you learn about it right away. Your site gets to the point of near invisibility in search results and you see sudden drop in your website traffic. And sometimes, you also receive a warning email from Google Webmaster. If any such thing has happened to you, you need our Google Penguin Recovery Services that are exclusively offered to provide recovery from Google Penguin.

Whododigital has a team of skilled experts who keep a close eye on every update and estimate the ways to recover from them. We do backlink audits and analyse your overall backlink profile, to get a notion about faulty areas. Additionally, we prepare a strategy to move forward with a cleaner approach through link building.

What we do?

We provide following Penguin Recovery Services, and a few more:

  • Link analysis of Inorganic/unnatural links – we analyse the unnatural links of your websites and help you removing them, or resubmitting them.
  • Anchor text analysis – We prepare a list of anchor texts linking to your website. And if necessary, we help you removing or changing them.
  • On-page Spam Audit – we check the spam activities on your site’s on-page (cloaking, hidden text, hidden links).
  • Content Quality Analysis – a check for duplicate or poor quality content
  • Penguin Penalty Check – check for other possible Penguin related problems such as “Cupcake effect” or “over-optimisation”.
  • Contact Webmaster on your behalf to remove bad links

Google Recovery Plan for your website against Penguin Update

The Link Detox Process

We analyze your site very closely and compile a list of all links pointing to your site. We manually check every link to see if it meets Google’s guidelines. We contact Google Webmaster to remove low quality links and finally submit the remaining bad links to the Disavow Tool to kill their effect.

It may sound simple, but it requires an expert’s vision to execute. At Whododigital, we have skilled SEO executives who will do that all for you. We have successfully helped many clients to recover from this update and our Google Penguin Recovery Services can do same miracle for you. Contact us today to discuss things ahead!

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